Mrs Wiggins' Wartymelons by Glenda Millard and Stephen Axelsen (me)


"You can’t grow wartymelons in Korwinguboora!"

Life in Korwinguboora  is all about potatoes. Useful, brown and dull. Mrs Wiggins is tired of growing them. Her goat, Ralphie, suggests that she try growing watermelons instead.  But Mrs Wiggins knows what her potato-growing neighbours will say: Pff. You can’t grow wartymelons in Korwinguboora.  Mrs Wiggins gives  it a go anyway.

The locals were right. The nights are too cold for baby watermelons! But Mrs Wiggins knits up the perfect solution.

"Mrs Wiggins Wartymelons is a beautifully presented, funny picture book, by outstanding author Glenda Millard. The quirky tale is well complemented by the illustrations of Stephen Axelsen, which are a combination of rustic and whimsy. Excellent."

(Sally Murphy on June 25, 2006