MONSTERS (the book) has arrived

Monsters, by Anna Fienberg and Kim Gamble and me, has been published at last. The story behind the story is a big one and a sad one. Kim began the illustrations for Monsters after his diagnosis with cancer. He was able to finish the first half of the pictures before he died. In fact he stopped work on Monsters on a Tuesday and died the following Friday morning. He had asked that I finish the book for him.

A good description of the history of the book can be found here. Big Thanks to dear Megan Daley

And visit the courageous publisher here

Mudkin ~ A Tail of Tales

All done and dusted, packed up and sent,  is my latest (and last?) cartoon series for The School Magazine, a moving yet slightly silly accidental quest story about a young Mudfolk and his pet Meep who leave their small world (a large pit in the ground) to explore the Upper World. You can see all series, as they are published by The School Magazine, at my FaceBook page 

September 27, 2016

Parts seven, eight and nine have just arrived on the Facebook page if you are interested in the welfare of Mudkin and Meep - and you know you should be!

Farewell Kim Hunter Gamble

Earlier this year my oldest friend, Kim Hunter Gamble, died. He was my first, longest and strongest inspiration. Kim followed me into illustration for children a little warily, since he really wanted to work as a fine artist, but he flourished in the field and contributed an enormous amount to publishing for children in Australia. He was best known for his work in the Tashi series (written by Anna and Barbara Fienberg). In primary schools all over Australia and beyond are examples of Tashi pastel drawings that he made with his big sturdy and pastel stained fingers for live audiences, while Anna read from her stories (the kids really were listening to you, Anna!).

To see one of these pictures emerge from a blank page was a special kind of magic. Kim and his magic will be missed deeply. Hooroo, big bad buddy.


Check out these little Aeroplane critters

This first guy is Archangel Colin. He has something to do with overseeing accountants. Grumpy/angry guy king is nameless. Suggestions welcome.

Find some more critters drawn in the lavish discomfort of economy class seating here! 

The Crown Affair - With a starred review and a February release date!

Wonderful news – THE CROWN AFFAIR, the long awaited sequel to What Really Happened to Humpty? (also written by Jeannie Franz Ransom) has received a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly! Click here to read it!

Equally as wonderful this book has gone to press and will be available in February 2015! Published by Charlesbridge. You can pre-order here on the Random House website.

For more information on this book click here.