Piccolo and Annabelle Series

This series of novels is available as audio books   and   in limited quantities from me.   2007 Audies Award Finalist AudioFile Magazine [2007]

Volume 1: The Very Messy Inspection

Young Piccolo Grande lives in his fine old family home, all alone. (His parents are mysteriously missing at sea) Then one fine afternoon his neat and orderly life is turned upside down and inside out and stomped on.  A noisy, round woman appears at his door, wild-haired  and red-faced. Breathlessly she introduces herself as his great aunt Annabelle, but Piccolo recognizes her for what she really is - a guardian angel. His own, personal, guardian angel, sent to mind him. But  Annabelle  turns out to be a walking, talking, permanently embarrassing, disaster zone.

At first Piccolo is truly miserable, but by the time Probationary Guardian Angel Annablle's inspection time arrives. Piccolo tries to help her pass. 

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Volume 2: The Disastrous Party

Great Aunt Annabelle has passed her very messy inspection and can stay on as Piccolo's guardian angel - for now. But with a newfound passion for entering and winning competitions, will Annabelle be too busy to notice if Piccolo is in danger? 

When Annabelle wins a party, who is the beautiful but mysterious visitor who arrives unannounced in a sleek silver limousine - is she friend or foe, angel or otherwise? Only a disastrous party will reveal her secrets and Annabelle's curious past.

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Volume 3: The Stinky Cheese Gypsies

Piccolo Grande's ordered life has been turned upside down by his competition-crazy guardian angel. His fine old house has become an obstacle course of prizes that Great Aunt Annabelle has been winning at an alarming rate.

Enough is enough! Piccolo devises a plan to give away, sell, or bank all the prizes. But little does he know that Annabelle's latest windfall, a bright pink motor scooter and sidecar, is about to lead them into a gang-load of trouble with a very wicked twist.


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Volume 4: The Steamer Demons

Piccolo is waiting at the dock for his friend Stella to arrive home from her holiday cruise on the white and sparkly  Sea Princess. But instead of a gleaming liner,  a smoky, stinky tramp steamer arrives instead. Only Piccolo can see that the scruffy sailors are not sailors at all. They are actually demons in disguise. Even worse, they're heading for the zoo with their cargo of stolen African wildlife. What if they discover the fallen angel Elspeth, imprisoned at the zoo in the form of a baboon?

Piccolo has to stop them!

Listen with bated breath!