Review #1

By Megan Daley, Teacher Librarian, QLA Judge, Former National VP CBCA, mother of two.

I have long loved the work of author/illustrator Stephen Axelsen – his books are endearing and quirky and funny, so funny. You can read more about him here, as part of my ‘Book People series. His latest book is ‘The Adventures of Nelly Nolan Book 1: The Nelly Gang’, and I was honoured to be asked to launch this book recently, at the StoryArts Festival – truly the best children’s literature festival around. You can read about the launch here. 

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Review #2

By Susan Whelan

Stephen Axelsen’s illustrations are irresistible. His comic strip tale for emerging readers (and older comic strip enthusiasts) provides story details without needing many words, just as any quality comic strip should. Axelsen’s clever use of visual details leads to a fast-moving frolic through the 1860s Australian Gold fields and beyond. 

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Watch the Nelly Gang trailer below!

 My multi-talented, currently single son made this trailer with his bare hands!

Choice cuts from from the book.


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